Child trafficking is big in Portland Oregon

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danratherDan Rather recently did a report on child trafficking in Portland Oregon, the city with the largest number of child prostitutes in the USA.  Based on a months long investigation and some reportorial digging, Dan tells us that child trafficking is indeed a USA domestic issue affecting USA children.

“Widespread sex trafficking in children?”, you may be saying to yourself. “Sure, it happens overseas in places like Thailand and Moldova, and while there may be some of it here there’s not that much of it in our country. In covering news for more than 60 years, I’d like to think that few stories shock me anymore. But this is one of them. We ran across it late last year and the more we dug, the more disturbing it became.” – Dan Rather

Click through to watch this video and read the full story from Dan Rather...

Dan Rather report on child trafficking in Portland, Oregon
Dan Rather report on child trafficking in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is without doubt one of the nation’s treasures. It has been voted one of the best places to live and work. But according to police, the city and its outlying communities has become a hub for the sexual exploitation of children. In a recent nationwide sting by Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, Portland ranked second in the country for the number of rescued child prostitutes. And according to Doug Justus, the workhorse sergeant in charge of Portland’s tiny Vice Detail, many of the children caught up in this are middle class kids from the area.

The girls, sometimes as young as 12, often 13-16, are lured by a “front man” in his mid-to-late teens. He becomes her “boyfriend,” taking her to dinner, buying her nice things, sometimes meeting her parents. The girl eventually moves in with him. Then he says they need money to continue being together. First, she’s enticed to sleep with his friends to pay the rent. Soon she’s turning tricks for what police say is an endless supply of older men willing to pay top money for sex with very young girls. Other times convincing the young adolescent girls to sell themselves happens very quickly.


  1. Read the full story from Dan Rather…
  2. Read this blog to discover why prostitution is the world’s oldest oppression of women and girls.
  3. Learn more about this problem by reading Victor Malarek’s book “The Johns: sex for sale and the men who buy it.
  4. logo_slogan_vt_resized-smallSoroptimists are working to STOP human trafficking and enslavement of women and girls. Learn more about human trafficking by visiting the Soroptimist International of the Amercia’s web site. Soroptimists are working with other organizations to raise awareness of this important issue that is negatively impacting women and girls in local communities and around the world.
  5. Connecticut residents are invited to attend a free public presentation on November 1, 2010 from 6-8pm at the Canton Library Community Center. Sponsored by Soroptimist International of Farmnov 1 event flyer_rotatedington Valley, guest speaker Shaleen Silva of the Paul & Lisa Program will share important information on sex trafficking of minors within Connecticut and what we can do as a community to keep our children safer. Reserve your seat to this event by emailing

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