You’re never too old to learn how to protect yourself

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No more “little old lady”

It’s never too late to empower yourself physically or mentally

Bree sparring with young boys_cropped_DSC_0070 (2)Bree Gurin is a 65 year-old first-degree black belt practicing at Yu’s Academy of Martial Arts. Having experienced a violent attack by her ex-husband and rape by a family acquaintance, Bree was determined to never again be in a submissive, compromised position. She began her martial arts training at age 55 and was astounded at the emotional and physical empowerment she realized, which allowed her to make better choices both personally and professionally. Bree’s martial arts practice has become an essential component of her life, providing enrichment through the excellent friendships developed at Yu’s Academy and the satisfaction of consistently being presented with and surmounting new challenges.

“If I’d had the gift of martial arts/self defense training as a youngster, I probably could have avoided being victimized since, prior to my training, my entire demeanor and mindset screamed vulnerability.” Bree Gurin.

BreeAlex Self Defense 01BreeAlex Self Defense 02BreeAlex Self Defense 03

Weighing in at 105 pounds and standing 5 foot 2 inches, Bree knows how and when to defend herself. Here she is demonstrating some of the defensive blocks and attacking strikes that she teaches to other women and girls during our women’s self defense workshops. (note: no men were hurt during the filming of these shots)

BreeAlex Self Defense 04BreeAlex Self Defense 06BreeAlex Self Defense 07


Is learning self-defense a worthwhile endeavor? You bet it is but not only for the obvious reason of being able to physically protect ourselves. The less apparent but equally valuable benefits of learning and practicing women’s self defense, listed below, can provide a positive influence in every aspect of your life.

Being able to protect ourselves physically frees us from the helpless victim mindset and awakens us to the fact that we are capable of taking assertive action in other areas of our lives.

Nothing builds confidence and self-esteem better than realizing you are in control of your own responses to life’s challenges.

This newly found empowerment and self-confidence are obvious to those around us and can discourage a would-be attacker from risking resistance or, even worse, retaliation.

Physical fitness
What a wonderful bonus to becoming a self-reliant, powerful and confident woman! Approximately 500 calories are burned during a one hour martial arts class which is good for your heart, lungs and your appearance!

In Conclusion
So what are my words of advice as a former “victim”?

Get started now! As a long time practitioner of Tae Kwon Do, I can vouch first-hand for the amazing changes my martial arts practice has made in every area of my life.


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